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Property Management

Property Management is the practice of arranging, supervising and managing the letting of residential, retail or commercial property on behalf the owners, landlords and investors.

Property Manager Roles & Responsibilities

Property investors will engage a Property Manager to maximise their property asset and to ensure that the asset is being looked after.

Property Managers are licenced Real Estate Agents who assist landlords with the letting of their asset. A professional and experienced property manager will take a long term view of your property asset when advising you in relation to the letting of your property.

Key responsibilities of a Property Manager include:

  • Thoroughly researching and understanding the rental market value of your property so that yield is maximised and vacancy rates remain low.
  • Ensuring that potential tenants will care for your property and will stay in your property.
  • Providing advice and guidance on works or renovations which will ensure that your property is maintained and that may also increase its value.
  • Building strong relationships with trusted tradespeople who support the care of your investment property.
  • Staying up to date with the ongoing changes to policies and laws that govern the NSW rental market.

What should I be looking for in a Property Manager?

An expert Property Manager has a detailed knowledge and understanding of properties and their buildings, structural aspects of the building, common faults and a knowledge of repairs, maintenance and renovation. They also have excellent relationship management skills which includes expertise in conflict resolution. They are extremely organised, reliable and have with a keen eye for detail which enables them to manage their financial responsibilities to the owner of the property and they have meticulous record keeping skills to ensure that their client's interests are protected.

Create's began it's journey into property management through the management of our own family property as well investment properties owned by close friends. We exercise extreme care and diligence within our management service to ensure that your investment is both maximised and preserved.

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