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Rural Land

Generally, rural land is associated with areas used for agricultural, farming, or other non-urban purposes.

Key Rural Property Facts

Land is defined as being rural if it is zoned “rural”, “rural-residential”, “non-urban” or “large lot residential” under a planning instrument.

There are a number of different types of rural zoning across NSW. These zonings vary depending on your local council area and the planning policies that apply to your property within your area.

Examples of rural zones include:

RU1 - Primary Production

RU2 - Rural Landscape

RU4 - Primary Production Small Lots

RU6 - Rural Transition

When considering the sale of your rural property, it is important to have an understanding of your zoning and the permitted uses of the property. This information assists buyers to determine whether the property will suit their needs particularly if they intend to use the property for primary production. Our experience with buyers who are seeking to purchase a rural property as a lifestyle investment is that factors such as whether the property is connected to town water, the type of wastewater management and proximity to local amenities have an influence over their interest in a property.

Selling & Purchasing Rural Land

Our interest and expertise in researching and selling rural land has stemmed from the service that we have provided to our clients who have sold englobo land and who have sought to relocate from their englobo property to a property with rural zoning. Often these clients find that they want to buy a rural property for its lifestyle benefits as well as for their children and future generations.

Create has assisted clients to both acquire rural homes as well as assisting owners who wish to sell their properties in rural areas. We take the time to understand the needs of both parties and expertly manage and guide both the owner and the purchaser through the transaction process.

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